Ronald Moten is a peace activist, political advisor and go-go promoter known as a passionate advocate for his native Washington, D.C.

Dr. Natalie Hopkinson is a public scholar and author of Go-Go Live: The Musical Life & Death of a Chocolate City (Duke University Press, 2012).

Since co-creating their successful Don’t Mute DC Go-Go and Culture petition on April 8, 2019, Moten and Hopkinson have used their decades of experience and connections in D.C.’s, media, arts and political landscapes to drive strategy for this social enterprise as co-chairs.

November 23, 2019. John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. “The Reach ” Cultural Caucus photo shoot. Photo Credit:  Kirth Bobb Photography

Don't Mute DC


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Don't Mute DC

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  • Rev. Tony Lee

  • Autumn Saxton-Ross, Ph.D.

  • Jessica Solomon

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Don't Mute DC

  • Central Communications

  • Check It Enterprises

  • Howard University Dept. of Communication, Culture and Media Studies

  • Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Culture

  • Eaton Workshop

  • Communities for Just Schools

  • Red Dot Foundation

  • DC Fiscal Policy Institute

  • Douglass Community Land Trust

  • The Capstone Group

  • Bullying is Not Dope

  • XI Magazine

  • Mayor’s Office of African American Affairs

  • Brink Media

  • Wearegogomusic.com

  • Go-Go Radio Live

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